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(no subject)
Well, OSU lost by 20...to Fresno St...when you Ducks post, be gentle ;)

All I gotta say is that Dennis had better have those guys running laps until they hurl.

Ferrell, I won't have a whole lot of time on my hands before school starts, so I expect you to have one of these built by the time I get back. I'll pay for the parts.

Oh, and if anyone forgot to pick up something for my birthday, a 50lb PDA made of butter would be nice, since I don't have a PDA and this one can be used not only as an orginizer, but to add flavor and grease things up if the need arises...

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I'm sure the Beavs will rebound against New Mexico St. and I-AA powerhouse Montana St!!! Meanwhile, the Ducks will be doing some damage to Mormonville with games against Utah and Utah St.

Jet-powered beer cooler... man, I shoulda thought of that. When on a tank in the middle of the Mojave desert, we just put the beer can in a sock, dipped the sock into the tank's gas tank, and spun it around in the air. To think, all those spare parts the mechanics had could have been put to use to save us from arm-fatigue. Damn shame, that...

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