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(no subject)
They've got some new techs here that are sitting out on the floor and listening to us take calls while they're in training.

One of them, Seth, is a very cool guy. Took me and another guy out to a nice Viatnamese place for dinner. Had some great soup called Pao Tai, or something like that. It's kinda like ramen, but with rice noodles. Very good.

Well, @Home's DCHP server is down for Oregon, and my lease expired tonight, so I'll have to set myself up static when I get home.

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Are you telling me someone who's not an uber-freak is actually being employed at the place you work? I mean, do you still work at stream? I swear the times I've been there I've seen some rather frightening carbon based life forms (I refuse to admit those were humans, or even mammals).

I know they look cute Anil, but they don't want none 'o your love, son.


That is correct! That is correct!

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