Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Well, I didn't end up going camping after all. When I got home on Friday afternoon, and we started getting stuff together, it was getting to be kinda late. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to get a spot, and didn't want to haul all of our stuff up the mountain (and take two cars since I would need to leave a day early to go to work), so we decided to just bag it. However, we still had to go up to Mt. Hood Village and setup our trailer for Joanne and the girls. So, I went up and helped the 'Ol Man with that, which pretty much killed our evening.

On saturday I hung around the house in the morning, and then hooked up with Sarah, and we caught a flick. Havn't seen a whole lot of her lately, I was glad to get a change to hang out before we both left on our trips. After dropping Sarah off at home, I met up with the 'Ol Man and my brother, and we went and caught the Beaver's game. A fine time was had by all, the Beav's one 5-2, and got one out of the park.

Last night and this afternoon was spend packing clothes and various items needed for our trip. Just 7 short hours from now, and we'll be out on the open road...
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