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(no subject)
It's gonna be a busy couple of days. As soon as I get off work here I have to cruise over to my mom's place and do a load of laundry for the trip, then once that is done head over to my dad's place and do the same thing. Then I need to pack everything I'm going to take with me, cause tonight is the last free minute I'll have this weekend.

Tomorrow morning I have to run some errands (haircut, pickup paycheck, bank, buy some new pants and shoes), then come home, throw some things in my car, then head up to Mt. Hood. The 'Ol Man wants to have a camping trip with the guys this weekend, and I agreed to go before I realized what a hassle it's going to be working it in.

Anyway, I'll be up on the mountain through Sunday morning, at which point I need to packup, and then drive back here in time for work. After work I head home, where if all goes as planned I'll meet Anil and Scott, we'll load the van, and head to Eureka.

Oh, I'll check this at work on Sunday, so if anyone wants to get any postcards sent to them, chime in with your address...

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Scott Baker
6042 SE Alderhill Loop
Milwaukie, OR 97267

Buy new pants? Pfft. Pants are the embodiment of all evil in society today! Pants should be banished from the face of the earth!

this has been another insane rambling by Mark Ferrell.

I'm all for banning pants, there are some hot girls out there I'd like to see without pants, but then again there are a lot of ugly fat people too. I might have to gouge my eyes out.

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