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(no subject)
Well, I finaly got off my butt and gave some support to one of the websites I frequent. A site called the Gamer's Intelligence Agency is having financial woes, and is looking at going under unless they get some funds. So, they're asking for donations, and I kicked down 10 bucks. I've always been of the "web content should be free" school of thought, but I figure I've gotten a whole lot for nothing, it's definatly fair to ask me to kick down to keep the site afloat.

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I'm with the "everything free" thing... but you sometimes have to give back to the places that REALLY put the extra effort into something. Hardwork deserves reward.

Aye, those were my thoughts exactly. These guys always have great content, and they update like crazy. I'll definatly pitch in to keep them afloat.

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