Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Was quite a long weekend.

On Friday I got up and drove out to the Multnomah ESD for my interview. I was worried I was going to be late, but fortunatly traffic cleared up enough for me to get there a few minutes early.

The interview was pretty standard, 3 people with some generic questions. It lasted about 45 minutes. After that, I drove home, changed, and left to go meet Shannon and Sarah downtown. We had dinner at a place called Boogie Woogies. Good music, good food. Afterwards we went to Ringlers Annex and chatted for a while.

Yesturday I went and saw American Pie 2 with Sarah, and then we got lunch at Beaches. I had their sesame pork and some pasta. I swear that sesame pork is heavily laced with crack...

Sarah had to take off for work at 4, so I spent the evening at my Dad's place where they were having a party for folks in the family who had a birthday over the summer. Scored some cash and a nice shirt. After the party I watched some ESPN classic with the Ol' Man. They were showing an old Lakers vs Celtics game from the 80's. Dang those were two amazing teams. It was much more a finesse sport then. Those guys had a style and grace that's since been lost to the game.

I topped off the evening with another trip to Ringlers Annex. I met Anil, Scott, and his girlfriend Angie at the Mark Spencer, and from there we headed to the Annex. Good times were had by all, and we got a few more of the details for the trip set. Only one more week!
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