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(no subject)
Things could be getting interesting at work in the next few months (if I'm still here that is). @Home's stock price is currently at a whopping 47 cents, which is too low to be listed on the NASDAQ. If the price doesn't go back up to $3 in the next month, they'll get delisted.

If that happens, they immediatly have to pay their creditors 100 million, which they don't have, so they immediatly become bankrupt.

However, if they do go under, it prolly won't effect us. There are around 3.5 million subscribers right now, so somebody will buy the network, and if I were them, I'd want to keep the trained support staff in place ;)

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Ya I just read that this morning. Pretty wild! It's suck if I lost my cable connection!

Don't sweat it dude...there are 3.5 million users, the service isn't going anywhere. Just a question of who your bill goes to ;)

Dear God! Please don't let it be bought by Microsoft. I may have to get DSL!

Nah, it's gonna end up being someone who already has a stake in the company...most likely AT&T, possibly Comcast.

Wait... doesn't at&t own it now?

They own a chunk of it, something like 25%, which makes them the largest shareholder, but it's still a sepperate company. Someone will have to take total control.

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