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(no subject)
As some of you may know, I applyed for a job a while back, that I don't have much intention of taking. It's a good job, so if for some reason I don't get my loans for school I'll take it, but otherwise I won't.

Anyway, I figured it was moot at this point because the last day they would call to schedule interviews came and went last week, and nobody had called me. However, they did call today, and I have an interview on Friday. I still don't intend to take the job if I can go to OSU, but this will be a good backup if things fall through.

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Cool where at? Is this that job at fantasy? The jizz mopper?

Nah dude, apparently they needed someone with more experience. Someday though...

You're dream job will come... just keep it on the back burner!

Is this the one with the Riverdale school district, as a computer consultant (or something)?

Yeah, but it's not with Riverdale, it's with the Multnomah County ESD.

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