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(no subject)
Like most folks, I caught the sneek preview of Jay and Silent Bob last night. Perhaps not the best, but definatly the funniest of Kevin Smith's movies, although you need to have seen the others to fully appreciate it.

We did have a little trouble getting in. Andy and I made plans to see it a few days ago, and figuring that it would probably sell out, we decided to buy tickets on Fandango beforehand. Unfortunatly, when we got to the theater, their computer system was down and they couldn't bring up any tickets bought on Fandango. So, it was either miss the show, or buy another set of tickets. We opted to buy the tickets, but we made sure we got a set of free passes too.

After the show I hung out with Andy for most of the evening, and then met Anil downtown when he got off work. We were hoping to get ahold of David Browning and hang out with him, but he wasn't home. We ended up going to a place called the Frontline with Doug, a guy Anil works with. Ended up staying there till around 2:30, then walked around downtown for a while. All in all quite a full day.

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If your bitchass was in gear we'd be squared away already. ;-)

As far as the pre-trip plans are concerned, I think we just need to be sure what date Ben is free, and how much cash we wanna drop. Leave preppin' the car to me. I'll sort out the oil, air filter, alignment and such.

I probably won't know what's up until a few days beforehand unfortunatly...slow ass Feds...

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