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(no subject)
2 hours left...right now, 10:00 is my only friend.

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Wow that's one more friend then you had yesterday huh?

Yeah! And this guy by the vending machine said he'd be my friend if I gave him a dollar!

WOW! You gonna get a car soon? We gotta hang out!

Definatly, I'll cruise over there once I get some wheels ;)

BTW, did I leave one of the Monkey Island CD's over there? I havn't played it since then, and I can't find disk 2 anywhere...

I was just about to reply any say no, but I JUST lifted up some old CDs and found it. So I guess you did!

Well, now I really need to get a car so I can get my Monkey Island fix!

Did you get new hours at work?

Nah, still working 4 to 1, but the guy who gives me a lift home is out of town for a few days.

And since Tri-met only runs to my neighborhood till 10:30, I'm working 1-10 for a few days.

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