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(no subject)
Had a great weekend. Spent Friday hanging out with Anil, had some great pizza at a little shop in west portland, then I caught a nap while Anil watched a dance troupe that was performing at PSU.

On Saturday, I hung out with 3 folks I hadn't seen in a long time, Kent Nielson, Mark Miller, and Derek Welch. I bought a 5 port switch at Best Buy, and we hooked up a LAN at my place and played a lot of Unreal Tournament, and a little Myth.

Now, these guys all had these huge, crisp monitors. Mine is nice, but it's not all that large, so I've been thinking about upgrading. Seeing all these large monitors in action pretty much sealed the deal. On top of that, I noticed online today that Dell had a 20% off sale going, and also has a coupon for 30 bucks off going today, so I bought this monitor for $197 shipped. Should be here by the weekend.

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Oh, come now. While I did have a good time with you, telling everyone about shopping for phones and art paper doesn't make for exciting reading ;)

whatcha doin with yer old monitor?

Not sure...I may try and throw together a Linux box with my K6-2, and use that as a monitor for it...however, most likely I'll just sell it.

Mmm. Pizza. Don't forget the PM issue on 82nd avenue! That was a highlight! ;-P

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