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Got my DVD player in the mail yesterday. Hooked it up, and man is it slick...barely makes a sound. Slot loading owns ;)

Went around town shopping for DVD's to get a collection going. Picked up A Bridge Too Far for 9.99 at Best Buy, then headed out to Fry's. There I got Crouching Tiger, the Special Edition Dogma, Clerks Uncencored, and Close Encounters. Not too shabby...watched the Clerks last night, dang that's good stuff...

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I own all Kevin Smith DVDs, he's awesome. Hell I even bought both copies of Dogma!

Clerk Uncensored is the shit! I love the commentary about the Korean guy! :)

Heh...poor director Han ;)

I almost picked up Chasing Amy as well, but I figured I had spent enough money for one day. I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point.

If I can find a copy of Clerks for a decent price I'm sure I'll pick that up as well.

Ya man I'm happy I got my clerk when I did. It was cheap! Now it's $35!

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