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(no subject)
Finaly buckled and bought a DVD drive. Picked up the Pioneer 16X 106s slot loading.

Now to pickup some DVD's...

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is this suppose to be your post on the fourth?
I'll probably be doing fireworks with Dan in vancouver.

Yeah, I thought telling you that I bought a DVD player would give you all the info about the 4th you would possibly need...

No, it's not that post...I didn't really have much info to give you until now. Anil and I are thinking of hitting up the blues festival down on the waterfront, and then watching the fireworks they do down there. Hopefully we'll get Muerte down there on board for whatever we end up doing. Anyway, even if we don't end up at the blues festival, we'll definatly be doing something, so if you're not gonna be heading to Vancouver, let me know.

The waterfront sounds cool, I 'll definitely let you know if i don't go to Vancouver. I think I am headed down to corvallis tonight, don't know when I 'll be back on the morrow.

Wow where from, maybe I'll get one too.

wtf you doin up so early???

Fell asleep on the couch, woke up, checked LJ on the way to bed ;)

first dvd to purchase, and one that everyone should own: 'The Usual Suspects'
(Spacey, Byrne, Baldwin, Pollak)

you coming to the beach or what?

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