Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Adventures in the Great White

Ok, we're got our pictures from Canada developed, scanned, and online. Here is a selection of the best...

We begin our journey on I-5 north, between Seattle and the border:

Soon afterwards we ran into some of the locals:

Soon enough we made the border. Anil took the timeout to kick back:

Once across the border, we made our way into Vancouver. Here we are crossing the Lion's Gate Bridge into downtown:

Here's the courtyard of the motel we stayed in. Anil described it as "1950's Las Vegas meets Miami Vice":

Once inside our room, Ferrell made himself at home:

As did I:

Anil figured the view out our window made a nice backdrop, so we snapped some shots of us against it:

Once we were done checking out the room, we hit the town, and found the infamous pineapple!:

After dinner, Anil and Ferrell introduced me to their old friend Jack. Believe it or not, this is the before shot ;)

There's no after shot, although you're not missing much. I drank just enough to get me slightly dizzy for about 5 minutes and then we went to Denny's for coffee ;)

Next morning consisted mostly of packing and leaving town. However, we stopped at a park on the border to take one more shot. Once again, note the presence of the infamous pineapple!:

So concluded our trip to the Great White North. There was still most of the day left, spent on the road and in Seattle, along with a lot of Billy Joel music and jokes about "jellies" ;)
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