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Adventures in the Great White North...eh.
Ok, we're got our pictures from Canada developed, scanned, and online. Here is a selection of the best...

We begin our journey on I-5 north, between Seattle and the border:

Soon afterwards we ran into some of the locals:

Soon enough we made the border. Anil took the timeout to kick back:

Once across the border, we made our way into Vancouver. Here we are crossing the Lion's Gate Bridge into downtown:

Here's the courtyard of the motel we stayed in. Anil described it as "1950's Las Vegas meets Miami Vice":

Once inside our room, Ferrell made himself at home:

As did I:

Anil figured the view out our window made a nice backdrop, so we snapped some shots of us against it:

Once we were done checking out the room, we hit the town, and found the infamous pineapple!:

After dinner, Anil and Ferrell introduced me to their old friend Jack. Believe it or not, this is the before shot ;)

There's no after shot, although you're not missing much. I drank just enough to get me slightly dizzy for about 5 minutes and then we went to Denny's for coffee ;)

Next morning consisted mostly of packing and leaving town. However, we stopped at a park on the border to take one more shot. Once again, note the presence of the infamous pineapple!:

So concluded our trip to the Great White North. There was still most of the day left, spent on the road and in Seattle, along with a lot of Billy Joel music and jokes about "jellies" ;)

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The Lion's Gate Bridge

Look a little different maybe?

Beauty. Don't forget to get the shot zooming in on Ferrell's eyes during the painapple shot.

Nice pics. I know someone already made a comment about it, but that was Cambie Bridge you were going over. Or maybe it was the Granville Bridge. Whatever, they all look the same.

You guys were lucky to have such beeeautiful weather! :)

The weather was fantastic. The pineapple shot looks like we were in Miami or Key West not Canada... ;-)

We saw a bunch of signs for the Lions Gate before we got on that bridge so we just assumed that it was that one.

My apologies to the Canuck Bridge Commission. ;-P

and where be all the girls that you spoke of?


See comment below. ;-)

I pass by that motel on my way to my fav. sushi bar.

seeee we don't live in igloos or teepees! damn right ;)

There are many many sushi bars in that part of town. We nearly stopped at one before we stumbled into the organic grocery store....

btw, the igloos were a beauty, eh. ;-P

yes gorgeous -rolls eyes-

-sigh- you americans -grrrr- hehe ;) naa i'm just joshin, you can be cool i spose.

I wouldn't like us either.

I just wouldn't like you ;)

Oh especially me, monkey man. ;-P

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