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(no subject)
Ahh, so nice to have some time before work, now that classes are over.

Been taping the Dune miniseries on Scifi for the last few nights, and it's finished tonight, so I'll watch that when I get home.

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Yo, when you wake up tomorrow, give me a call.

do you still have them all? i want to see them

Yeah, it's just been on for three nights. Provided nothing screwed up when it was taping tonight, I've got the whole thing on a tape.

i get home tomorrow around 5 or 5:30

can we watch the philly game somewhere?

Yeah, I suppose we could catch it at my dad's place.



Yeah, we'll get pizza somewhere.

Showup at my Dad's at around 6:00.

Hell ya, I'm there too!

(Invite yourself, Anil? Sure, don't mind if I do...Talkin' to yourself Anil?...Sure, don't mind if I do...)

We're watching the game at Ben's? Alright! I'll be there!

I have it on DVD, it's cool!

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