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(no subject)
Had my court appearance for the ticket a got the other day for driving without proof of insurance.

Heh, traffic court is just full of interesting people. I heard a 90 year old man cuss out the judge for not reducing his fine...for driving the wrong way down a one-way street ;)

I had to sit there for about an hour before I got called. My case literaly took 30 seconds. I stood up, the judge read the notes for the ticket, glanced at my insurance card, said "case dismissed" and I was outta there.

Now to head to work for a few hours...

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You know, driving down the wrong side of the street is something they taught us Alzheimer care giver's to watch for in the elderly. It, with other things, of course, is a sign of the brain beginning to lapse.

So is cussing out a judge ;)

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