June 24th, 2004


(no subject)

I've been in some kind of computer geek withdrawal for the last several days. I got a new CPU and Mobo on Friday, installed them on Saturday, and it just wouldn't work right. Seemed like the mobo was shot, so I took it back to Fry's on Sunday. They checked it out, and it worked fine for them, so I took it back home and reinstalled everything, but it still wasn't working.

I figured the mobo was shorting out somewhere, so I spent most of Monday trying various ways of mounting it in the case and trying to figure out where it was making contact. It still wasn't working, so Tuesday I drove out to Fry's again and bought some plastic spacers and replaced the metal ones I was using. Still not working. It seemed like once the video card was installed it was pushing the mobo up against the back of the case. This morning I messed with it again for a while before deciding to just buy a new case. One more trip to Fry's and $40 later I had one. I spent this evening moving everything from the old case into the new one, and it fired right up on the first try. It's about damn time. Now I'm going through the fun of getting all my software reinstalled...we'll see how much I can get done before I fall asleep here...