March 18th, 2004


(no subject)

Did my taxes, and ouch! I've always gotten around $200-300 back, but not this year. I owed the Fed's $95! Oregon came through for me and is refunding me $109, so I'm coming out up $14, but damn, that's a lot less than I used to get back. I guess that's what comes of making more money than I have in years past.

This was also the most complex my taxes have been. I've never bothered to deduct the interest I pay on my student loans before since it's so little, but I went ahead and did it this year once I saw that I owed money. That knocked it down by around $15. Things are also complicated by a 403(b) I started paying into. Hopefully I didn't make some weird deduction I'm not allowed to, I hear the IRS gets a little uptight about tax evasion...