February 9th, 2004


(no subject)

Dean is done. Not that anyone expected him to, but he failed to win Michigan, Washington, or Maine. Kerry won all three. I see nothing that would indicate Wisconsin will be any different. Clark is done too. I really wish it weren't so, but he's fighting for the same votes Edwards is, and Edwards is winning them. Clark should start hitting up Kerry for the VP nod today.

So it's Kerry or Edwards. I think it all comes down to Tennessee and Virginia tomorrow. Kerry is leading in both states. If he wins, Edwards' angle as the Southern Candidate will be put to rest. Kerry will sweep the other Feb. states, and he'll dominate Super Tuesday. Game over. If Edwards wins one of them he's still in it, but just barely. He'll have a few weeks to put together support in March 2 states. At that point he'll have to win California, New York, or Ohio to stay in it.