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(no subject)
Well, I've finaly got OSU paid off. Maybe now they'll quit leaving me messages. Although I doubt it ;)

Now that I don't have a huge bill sucking away my finances every month, I'm in the market for a car. I'm tired of throwing $1.20 into the bus everyday, and I'm particularly tired of riding it.

I've got about $1300 set aside right now, and I'm looking for something in the 2000 range. I'm not all that impressed with the auto websites I've visted thus far (are there any particularly good ones?), so starting this weekend it's time to tour the lots.

If anyone has any car buying sugestions, now's the time ;)

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congrats on paying off osu! hopefully see ya around corvallis next fall then? maybe even... bball band? well, it's just a thought. and sorry, but, i really can't help with any car ideas. i'd gotten used to max in the mornings. work in the big city- oh yeah! it's great

Get a bike. ;-PppPp

Beware of gettin' something extremely popular (e.g. Honda Civic or Accord) cause they get broken into really often for parts. The most often broken into car in the US

I agree with Anil, we had a honda break in problem this fall (like seven in one week). I found my car on the web and got it at Ron Token Acura Budget on Canyon.

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