Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Been a good weekend thus far. Went wandering around Portland with Sarah friday night, got some good food at the Rock Bottom Brewery. Those guys make some mean desserts. Oh, and we went by Powell's. Anil, you'll be happy to know that Rocco's is alive and well.

We were gonna head out to the Gorge yesterday, but it was late afternoon before we got together, so we went and saw Shrek instead. Damn funny movie.

So, since we didn't go yesterday, we decided that we'd get an early start and head out to the Gorge today, and just hike around and see the sites. Unfortunately Sarah decided that she was too tired from the last two days. And here I thought her recent partying would have improved her endurance. Wuss :)

Ah well...I guess we'll just have to postpone the trip till sometime this summer...
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