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No, I didn't put a flower in my hair...
Got back from San Fran ok. All in all, the trip was worth it. Flew into Oakland, and then took the BART into SF. There are a few different trains that opperate on the same track. Fortunatly I managed to get on the right one, and didn't go to Freemont instead ;)

Got into town around 3. I had planned to hit up Macworld for a few hours before heading over the the Bungie Fanfest, but I was running late, so I just headed over to the convention center the Fanfest was being held at. Since I was there anyway, and some friends of mine were on the event staff, I helped setup, which mostly included making about 200 name badges.

The actual Fanfest was pretty cool. Got to meet several Bungie guys. No new Halo info as I had hoped, but the Myth 3 team talked for a bit, and they had a Bungie trivia contest that was very entertaining. Also got to meet some members of Clan Plaid (www.clanplaid.net) that I had not previously. One cool thing was that Stephan, Bungie's network programer, had his Powerbook there, which contained the full version of Oni, which he broke out for a bit.

Afterwards, Bungie took those of us on the event staff out for dinner, so we got to hang out with them in a little more casual setting. Very cool.

All this was followed by a weekend of gaming at a friends place nearby. Flew back in Sunday morning, just in time to go to work ;)

I definatly don't regret making the trip. Dunno if I would again though ;)

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I listened to a little Tony Bennett the other day.... ;-)

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