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(no subject)
Took my car in to get worked on yesterday. It started making a horrible noise when I was driving.

The noise was because there was almost no oil left. I had just changed the oil a couple weeks ago, and havn't seen any oil under my car, so I never thought of that. Apparently there is a leak in the engine, so when I get up to speed it starts leaking, but it's fine when parked.

Anyway, they're gonna get that fixed, as well as get the car ready for DEQ. All told, it's gonna run me $450 bucks. Just what I needed right now...

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sounds like the price tag on this car is steadily increasing... sux man :(

that reminds me, i need to go in for an oil change soon, i'm overdue...

That brings the grand total up to 2400. 900 more than I paid originaly, but that's still not too bad. Most of the other cars I saw in the paper that were similar were going for around 2200-2500.

What kind of car is this, praytell?

Damn. Mazdas, man. It's all about the Mazdas.

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