Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott

Just watched a flick called The Legend of 1900. I had never heard of it, but sometimes you get lucky with late night TV. Damn fine movie.

Basically about a guy who is born on a passenger ship, and lives on the ship his entire life. Ends up being a child prodigy with the piano, and becomes the ship's pianist. Movie pretty much follows his life. Highlight of the movie is a "duel" he has with Jelly Roll Morton (famous Jazz pianist). Incredible scene. Music in the film is absolutely perfect.

As soon as it was over I tried to find a place online that sells it, but apparently it's not exactly a mainstream film. Amazon has the soundtrack (which I'll be picking up), but nobody has the flick. Hopefully rental places will have it, maybe in the foreign section. I guess it's an italian film, although all the dialog is in english.
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