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(no subject)
Got my draft written, ended up being way long. Needed to be 3 pages, which was how much I wrote. However, I forgot to doublespace it. So now I have 6 pages. Time to edit a bit ;)

Came home to find a postcard waiting for me, with Jimmy Stewert's face staring up at me. I didn't even have to look to know who it was from.

I dunno where the hell you found that Anil, but damn it made my day :)

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Dig man, I'm glad you liked it. And those sorts of things cannot be found, they must find you.


Now heed the advice on the card and get yo' ass up here!

Jeez you two, get a room :)

Try opening your box to find Bukowski's old hung-over ass staring at you. Anil definitely has a strange connection with the Post Card Gods.

Naked girls in the mail!

I'm stillin' tryin' to pull the necessary strings to get that "naked girls running through poppies" post card.


Re: Naked girls in the mail!

Awesome... but it's especially effective when they are covered in honey ; )

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