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(no subject)
Well, my car didn't pass DEQ, so I'll have some repair bills to pay soon. I was banking on my phat wheels to get me by, but apparently the hippie chicks that run the DEQ weren't impressed. When the girl gave me the report, she gave me a really dirty look, like my car was fueled by dead babies or something. Come on, I didn't alter my car to give off more emissions or anything.

Had to write a draft for a paper last night, 3 pages. Ended up not taking that long, only about 1.5 hours. However, I forgot to doublespace it, so I really have a 6 page paper. Gonna have to spend some time tonight trimming the fat.

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Give me 20 minutes, I'll get your car running off of old growth forests, and clubbed baby seals no prob.

have the exhaust pipe spew crude oil and sixpack holders and you're on

I could have it leave a trail of flaming shit while it drives too if you're interested!

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