Ben Mabbott (themabbi) wrote,
Ben Mabbott
themabbi wears the daddi pants.

Absolutly the best web tutorials I have seen anywhere. They have examples of code, with an output box so you can play with it and see the changes on the fly. Everything from HTML to javascript to SQL.

And in other news, just what the hell is wrong with us? ;) (Imandari is Anil BTW)

Imandari: Yo you wanna see Crouching Tiger tomorrow? Like a matinee or something
TheMabbi: that's a rog
Imandari: 10-4 Good Buddy, what time should we set the rendzvous time for?
TheMabbi: Lets meet at navpoint alpha at around 1400
Imandari: That's your domicile, correct?
TheMabbi: well, I could send a troup transport over to your HQ
Imandari: Copy that Iggy, I will anticipate those arrangements at 1340. I will make the appropriate measures
Imandari: So are we a go?
TheMabbi: Roger Wilco, 10-4
Imandari: Over and out
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