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I've been house shopping for a while now, and today got an offer accepted. I'd put in several offers on a different house, but after going back and forth for two weeks we couldn't come to an agreement on price. The deal for the house I'll be buying came together much quicker. I toured it on Thursday, made an offer on Friday, had it countered Saturday morning, and accepted their counter offer by Saturday afternoon. Provided nothing goes wrong with the inspection or appraisal, on June 23rd I'll be the owner of 623 S Ponderosa Ct.

I know I've made a good move here, and I'm getting a good deal. I've looked at every listing for the last couple months, and I've toured 15 houses besides this one. Yet I still can't quite keep myself from thinking that if only I'd wait and look a little longer an even better buy would come along. This is a process I usually go through with any large purchase (large usually meaning over $100), so who knows how long I'll be second guessing myself on this one.

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Well, congratulations, Ben. I have to say, I am quite impressed and a little jealous. Good luck with everything.

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