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(no subject)
I seem to be the last to mention the outing with Anil and Scott, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

Drive down was fairly uneventfull, despite my wonderfull display of parking skill. We had to drop by Stream on the way there so I could pickup my paycheck. While parking there I poped the clutch and almost drove over the curb.

But, we did make it ok and had a great time with Scott, despite the many knocks on my car, and vieled references to me being homosexual. I'm not the one that suggested San Fran damnit :)

And, BTW, we did appreaciate that you picked up the tab. We commented on that extensivly, just not when you were there. ;)

Did some shopping today, and just had dinner. Gonna go nab Anil again in a while and do something.

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"We commented on that extensivly, just not when you were there"


Shit, you work at stream? What you think of it? Sam Lewallen works there, and I'm thinkin I might apply there this summer...

It's a good summer job. Depending on what team you're assigned to, there is up to 3 weeks of training. So we're talking 3 weeks of getting paid to do virtually nothing.

After that, it's not exactly stimulating work, but the money is good. I wouldn't recommend that anyone do it long term, but it's a good job to have for a couple months. If nothing better drops in your lap, go for it.

Sweet, just looking for some ways to scratch out a living... gonna be getting roughly a grand a month from Da Army if I'm a full-time student, but even with PSU that aint gonna feed me or house me...

I think your skill at pulling OUT of parking spaces is even more wonderful. heehee

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