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(no subject)
Boise State went 12-0, and just played in the Fiesta Bowl with a ton of guts and heart. They won in overtime to become 13-0, and there's no possibility of them getting a piece of the national title. That 'aint right.

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They went 13-0 in large part to playing a schedule ranked 100 out of 119 teams. Yeah...let them play in a BCS game, or even let them get into part of a playoff if it ever gets to it. But no way should they be considered for part of the national championship this year.

Under the current system, no, there's no way they should be considered for the number one spot. As you say, the WAC isn't exactly a proving ground.

However, they just proved they're no paper tiger either. There's something wrong with a system that leaves an undefeated team that won a BCS bowl game with no chance for a championship.

totally awesome game.

watched it over here.

Larry and I watched it and it was the most exciting game I have ever seen! We are beholden to any team who beats Oklahoma in a bowl game! :)

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